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Stainless Steel bracelet polished small colored flowers

Stainless Steel bracelet polished small colored flowers

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Eichmüller Diver Watch black 3411-01

Eichmüller Diver Watch black 3411-01

Terminology for watches

The anchor is the link between factory wheels and Unruh ago. Through intervention by the optional input or output side in the course or Hemmungsrad lead anchor of a smooth flow of the movement of guilt. The anchor is one of the most overused parts in the mechanical watch.

Baguette Factory
A very small plant, for very small Damenuhren used.

Precision with übergroßem housing and dial for navigation purposes, or scientific use.

Pointer or steel screws are on the grounds of decoration and blue Oxydationsschutz as "tempered" by placing the part to be processed on an occasion sheet sets and heated. Once the desired color is reached, one dives into the part of oil.

Abraham-Louis Breguet (1747 - 1823) is considered one of the greatest master watchmakers in watch history. Many of his inventions as a breakthrough in watchmaking, eg The Breguet Tourbillon and the spiral.

For very valuable watches are the jewels of ruby in feed (chatons) bronze or gold are used. Then these two or three screws in the movement of the boards fastened.

Name for a stopwatch with a release mechanism in combination with a normal clock.

Chronometer may only watch those, which because of their precision and outstanding Zeitmeßergebnisse official tests have kept. These tests take 15 to 22 days, the clocks are in different locations and temperatures tested. If this test certain speed variations are not exceeded, the Institute tested a gear form. So for example the mean daily motion chronometer in five positions in the range from -4 seconds per day to +6 seconds per day.

Countdown Timer
One stopwatch is running in reverse, the zurückläuft and the achievement of 0 minutes and 0 seconds acoustic signals surrender.

Sealing Ring
A waterproof clock is equipped with at least one seal ring on the housing cover, the glass and the crown provide. Previously, gaskets made of cork, lead and rubber are used, these materials are today through a variety of plastics have been replaced.

For operation of watches with extra features, the crown alone is not enough. That's why we provide these watches with small pressure switches, and the sides protrude from the housing.

From the French expression for deriving the Rohwerk: a movement without a dial, hands and body. Many watch brands relate Rohwerke in larger quantities and then they modify their watchmakers.

Stainless Steel
A stainless steel, which is now in the watch industry is no longer indispensable. Stainless steel may be an alloy of nickel and chromium, or molybdenum and tungsten with steel. Stainless steel is around since the beginning of the thirties used in watchmaking.

A rotating ring (bezel) on the outer edge of watch cases, where the identification of additional readings is used. This can, for example, the function of Universal Time, or even the measurement of its dive times.

Perpetual Calendar
Complicated additional facility primarily for mechanical watches to display date, weekday, month, year and moon phase and with the inclusion of leap years. Watches with perpetual calendar, due to their low production volumes and the extensive design and production expenses only in the upper price segment to find.

Spring House
The spring is a clock in a spring house. The barrel consists of a drum with teeth and a final cover. In the middle barrel and cover a large hole to accommodate the spring core. This serves, inter alia, to accommodate the inner end of spring.

Spring jetty
Spring bars will find use for watches, bracelets which are not firmly attached to the housing are connected. A spring bridge is a tube made of stainless steel, which ends with movable end caps are sealed. These are complemented by a strong spiral spring auseinandergedrückt. Spring bars are subject to high stress and should be regularly replaced.

1. Working procedures of the watchmaker, the very precise regulation of the clock activities.
2. A clock device for precise regulation particularly. So done with the precision wristwatches, for example, by means of leveling screws, a gooseneck or a regulatory Rücker, with an indirect lever can be adjusted.

When the radio is a quartz, which is controlled by radio. These watches are equipped with a decoder, the connection between quartz movement and receiver manufactures. In Mainflingen in Frankfurt / Main is the long-wave transmitter DCF 77 of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt in Braunschweig calculated "Legal Time" sent. The range of the transmitter can be up to 2000 km.

No clock is completely accurate. Here, various factors such as quality, location and conditions of carrying a role, the differences of fractions of a second or even up to several minutes per day can lead. As the course now is called the difference between 2 levels, with "stands" by deducting the time display a clock on two different days is meant. "The passage of a clock at 7 seconds per day" means that every day around 7 seconds varies. The watchmaker may be the course of a clock by regulating improve.

Gang deviations depend to a large part of factors to which the watchmaker has no control, such as fluctuating temperatures, vibration, irregular absorption or pollution. Of course deviation one speaks, then, if a clock, for example, on a day 15 seconds and proceed the next day, then 20 seconds.

Gang Gang reserve duration =
The maximum duration of a mechanical watch movement after fully.

Geneva stripes
Frequently used rippenförmige decoration on the bridges and Kloben fine watches, before finishing the electroplating process.

Greenwich Mean Time. Through the southern town of Greenwich is the Prime Meridian of the World time. The Earth is divided into 24 time zones, time ads are made on the earth always based on GMT. For example, GMT -5 New York, Sydney +8.

A timer in the spring every day with the help of the lift crown by hand to be excited. Previously this was done with a small pocket for keys. Middle of last century, the crown lift invented. A daily Handaufzuguhr must be raised, because the only spring for a power reserve of approximately 36 - 40 hours makes.

A mechanism of the force of the spring on the factory wheels on the vibrating system (Unruh, Unruh spiral) transmits a clock. The suspension consists of the Ankerrad associated with driving, the anchor with the two pallets, fork of the anchor, safety pins, and roll with the big and the small ellipse role. The two roles are on the balance shaft and move to the rhythm of the balance wheel back and forth. The inhibition of a mechanical watch from heavy lead: With a balance of blows from 28.800 vibrations per hour leaves the factory wheels within 24 hours 691,200 times advance. Within four years, this gives over a billion power surges caused by the inhibition forwarded. This corresponds to the six power of a human heart.

A shock, which in the 50s for wristwatches was developed and is today the most widely used. When the invention was still relatively young, printed almost every watch manufacturer the word "Incabloc" on the dial to the special quality of the clock noted.

As an indication of watchmaking in all devices designated to help the flow of time, and his relief Gehwerks displayed. These are the so-called indication leaves. Indication auxiliary blades provide information beyond the normal time display in addition to, such as displaying the moon phase. As an auxiliary dials are smaller dials means, for example, information about the termination of the percussion or the repetition type.

Dimensions of the gold content of an alloy in a 24-part scale. Feingold will be described as 24 carat. A gold case wristwatch has a high quality 18 carat often (ie, 750 thousand pieces of fine gold) or 14 carat (ie 585 thousand pieces of fine gold). The gold content of a housing gold is almost always on the back cover with a punch mark.

As the Caliber is known in watchmaking a particular movement.

Small seconds
A small second is found mostly in pocket or hand lift wristwatches. Originates from the time when the wheels in the wheels of a clock works were arranged so that the Sekundenrad not in the center. If one seconds on the dial was desired, one has the pins of the seconds wheel extends through the dial and a pointer aufgesteckt. The position of the small second depends on the plant construction, but is often at 6 clock.

Technical term, if the clock except for the time display as An additional factory alarm, date display or other indications aufweist.

Holes for the pegs of the factory wheels. In fine wrist and pocket watches, but also for large watches, the holes designed for fast-rotating wheels with bearings and drives provide stones.

Glasreif an enclosure that matches the eingepressten glass on the middle part of the housing is screwed or aufgesprengt.

Mineral glass
Mineral glass is characterized by high scratch resistance and is also relatively inexpensive.

Timers, in which neither responsible, nor Unruh inhibition exists. In a factory, a quartz crystal to vibrate. The uniform vibration is now used to using a chip, an integrated circuit, a motor to power. In the rhythm of the injected pulses have a spinning wheel factory.

In watches with automatic winding, the rotor in both directions freely rotating segment from most heavy metal that when movements of the clock turns and the spring stretches. The swing weight is either in the common variant over the entire width of housing works in circles parallel to the (central rotor) or a micro-rotor integrated into the movement.

Artificially manufactured glass with the highest hardness and scratch resistance (9 Mohs), only surpassed by diamond is.

Very fine, often cross-wise stripes cut on watch cases.

A clock in which the work to a minimum of material by cutting, sawing or milling has been reduced. Usually an insight into the plant and the technology to allow.

Solar power
Solar powered watches are the energy of the light on and save it in a battery. With the energy from this battery is the clock driven. Battery change are not necessary.

Sun touch
A Zierschliff for circular surfaces. Changes to the pan to the clock of the angle of incidence of light, migrates from the polished surface reflected light in a circle.

Time Meter for measuring time intervals between start and stop.

Shock protection
Klein watches are as defined in this standard shock when they are a burden to bear, with a vertical free fall of the clock from one meter height in any position on a hardwood floor is. Functional damage to the housing and from plant parts (hands, glassware, calendars, institutions) must not occur - DIN 8308th

Watches scale for measuring the speed. When a chronograph when passing the milestone of the seconds hand starts, it appears that in reaching the next milestone on the Tachymeterskala speed.

For divers uhren watches is the major water leakage. In general, these clocks to at least 100m depth (10 bar pressure) waterproof. Also plays an important role readability. The rotating bezel for adjusting the immersion time may be used only in one direction to be rotated.

Titan is an extremely resilient and lightweight metal. It is uafür people with nickel allergies, since no nickel titanium.

Original name for a pocket watch with a bogie, which is when it is driven by Sekundenrad, with the balance and escapement parts once a minute and a rotating imbalance of the balance system, and thus compensate for positional error.
This design was first used by Abraham Louis Breguet (1747 - 1823) executed. Today, this expression for a mechanical system, the motion offset errors caused by the movement of the arm can arise.

The balance is - together with the spiral balance wheel - the regulatory body motion of a mechanical clock. It can be defined statically balanced flywheel, which is the time - in connection with the suspension - by its vibrations into equal sections. As the clock giving the flywheel, which is the uniform advance of the pointer on the gear train allows the balance is thus for the accuracy of the movement responsible.

Time zone
One of the 24 (each 15 degrees of longitude wide) zones at the same time, in which the earth is divided. Starting at the zero meridian (the town of Greenwich). The time shifts in the transition from one to another time zone by one hour each.

Explanation of: Wikipedia - The free encyclopedia on the Internet


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